“January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.”

I saw a few snowflakes this morning. At first I wasn’t sure so I kept watching. I saw a few more, not many yet, but it is definitely snow. I checked the local forecast. The prediction is 2 to 4 inches by late afternoon. The sky has that snow look, a light grey almost white, so I’m believing the forecast.

Some things never go away. I love watching snow fall. When I was a kid, I’d sit at the picture window, my elbows resting on the sill and watch the snow falling under the street light. Behind the light was darkness. The falling snow obscured even the neighbors’ houses. The road and the walkways disappeared. Everything looked the same. It was all snow.

I still watch the snow and keep track of how much has fallen. I turn on the outside lights in the back so I can get a close-up view, but it’s different now. Long ago, when I saw snow out the picture window, I had dreams of flying down the hill on my sled. Over and over I’d fly until I could no longer pull the icy rope of my sled for even one more run. I’d be cold, exhausted and exhilarated.

Snow is not for flying when you’re older. Snow becomes an inconvenience. The car needs to be shoveled out, the same with the mail box and the walkway to the car. I don’t do any of it. I just wait for it to be done. I used to do it, but I was much younger then.

I’m going to watch the snow. I still love watching the flakes, and I think newly fallen snow is pretty. It equalizes everything.

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19 Comments on ““January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.””

  1. Richard Says:

    Lucky you … SNOW! I’d love some snow, but what we got heah (to use an old Paul Newman movie line) is a fail-yah to snowmunicate … hey, we do what we can with what we got, right? Our forecast is for ‘flood’ … I’m in a zone that FEMA says doesn’t flood and hey, them FEMA guys is all smart ‘n stuff, right? I’ve been flooded four times – that was one of the first things I checked on a topo map when I moved to Memphis. I’d kinda like to hold onto the remaining ‘stuff’ I managed to retrieve from the previous attempts to take it away.

    Snow is just great to watch. It’s also hard to photograph correctly, esp. if you want the falling flakes in sharp frozen-motion focus. ‘Course, y’ might want to show ’em as a blur to indicate wind, so there’s that. Depends on what y’ see in your mind’s eye. When it’s on the ground and making that great soft coating everywhere, I can’t think of anything that makes a nicer picture.

    We don’t get enough snow here to worry about tracking it. There’s also not enough to make y’ worry about shoveling your roof to keep it from collapsing. That would make me so crazy. It’s also why I’ll never live any farther north than where I am now.

    Fly? In SNOW? Is crezzymaking, jess? No way would my li’l pink ‘n white body be aboard anything wingèd that was going to be above Holy Mutha the Urf. Snow is not a friend to airplanes, and I’m old enough to realise y’ don’t take risks that can be easily avoided. Now when it snows, I get out the tripod, take photos, process ’em thru Photoshop, drink a li’l coffee, make some snacks, and wait ’til it melts. I was waiting for you to end with the tagline “But I was so much older then / I’m younger than that now” … who did that one?

    • katry Says:

      There are flood zones here but they are close to the ocean. I can’t remember the last time the house were flooded, but they still pay huge insurance premiums regardless.

      The snow is still lightly falling, but I guess it is due to get heavier. We did my errand and are now home cozy and warm. It’s darn chilly outside.

      I haven’t ever had to shovel my roof. It is pitched so the snow doesn’t get to be a heavy layer. That happens with mostly commercial properties like rinks, warehouses and such. Last winter was the first time I remember people shoveling their roofs.

      The flying I was talking about was downhill on my sled. I don’t remember ever flying on a plane in the snow. I know I have had wings deiced before liftoff.


      • Bob Says:

        The FAA requires that every airplane is prohibited to depart without a clean wing. This not only requires a clean off of the contamination with antifreeze based chemical de icing fluid, followed by applying an anti icing protectant and then a visual and tactile inspection of the wings for any contamination just before takeoff. Any contamination even as small as one grain of salt per square inch on the aerodynamic surfaces can reduce lift as much as 30% and increase drag an equal amount. Neither of which are conducive to flight.

      • katry Says:

        I have sat a few times watching the wings being cleared. I never minded the wait figuring it was all for the safety of the plane. I didn’t realize the FAA requirement, and I didn’t know there was an application of a deicing protectant.

      • katry Says:

        Whew, good to know the law doesn’t affect sleds.

    • Bob Says:

      BTW not applicable to flying sleds. 😀

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It was spitting snow up here when I took the dogs out a little while ago. Weather Widget says it still is but it’s not the kind of snow that can be seen from inside the house. Tiny flakes that are widely separated. Oops, there goes one. 🙂

    I still watch the snow, as well. If it’s daytime, I like to sit on the front porch and watch the snow fill up the street. The street light illuminates the night storms. I can sit warm and cozy on my couch and watch the flakes bury the car and the driveway.

    Snow is beautiful to watch. Even so, after last year, I’d rather not look at it very much this winter. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      We still have stray flakes but it is supposed to get heavier by tonight. The roads and walks are all still clear.

      I get to watch the snow in the front and on the side of the house. The gate is my measurement in front. When it disappears, I know I’m in trouble.

      I’m with you-we’ve had enough!!

      Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Bob Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is enjoy yourself. If I never have to put up with snow again it will be too soon. 😀 Many retirees have not moved to Florida, Arizona or South Texas either permanently or during the winter months to escape the cold and the snow for some unknown reason. You are a prime example. Snow is nice when viewed through the window from a hotel bar with a roaring fireplace while sipping an Irish Coffee and having nowhere to go. 😈

    Didn’t you guys have enough snow last winter to last for a couple of lifetimes. 😉 When it first falls it’s pretty but after a few days it becomes ugly gray slush. We get at least one or two days of snow or even worse ice to keep the auto body shops profitable. Since the embarrassment of the snowstorm during the Super Bowl a few years ago, the city of Dallas bought a couple of snow plows. Hopefully, we can get through this winter without using them.

    At least once during the winter I get to spend a week in Toronto to remind myself why I don’t like snow or cold. At least I don’t have to go to the snow capital of the U.S. Buffalo NY. 😝

    No place is perfect year round. Florida is hot/humid and Phoenix is hot as hell in the summer, California has earth quakes and Hawaii has volcanoes. People in the Northwest don’t tan, they rust and the Midwest gets floods and tornados.

    • katry Says:

      I love New England. Only one of my friends goes to Florida for the winter. Everyone else hangs around. The warm states have little attraction of most of us.

      Last winter was the worst but that doesn’t happen all that often. Snow is just part of the scene. We all just accept the winter. It’s been that way all our lives. Most of us have plowers and shovelers so the worst is for someone else. It is easy to write a check.

      I have no craving for somewhere warm. I’m happy exactly where I am.

  4. olof1 Says:

    Snow falling on a wind free day is truly beautiful but I do prefer the kind we had lately that never seemed to land anywhere. The only time I can say that I didn’t mind snow and a lot of it too was when I stayed at my rented cottage (without electricity) in a remote area during my yule vacation. It was nasty cold and around a yard of snow. The nights were bright and the light from the stars and the moon made the night quite brighht. I knew I didn’t have to showel anything but the way to the outhouse 🙂

    I had eb´nough foiod with me for two weeks and we rarekly have any wind here when it dropped below -4F so it was quite nice outdoors despite the cold weather. It takea a while to warm up a cottage with the wooden stove when it is as cold as that so Ilived in the big kitchen and slept in the old pull-out sofa. The occasional moose passed by in the days and at night I stood ioutside and watched the stars. It was impossible to dislike the snow then 🙂

    Have a great day!

  5. Hedley Says:

    Flurries in Detroit (I asked for an autograph…..Richard ???) Is it time to play 50 Words for Snow ? Do I have to scrap the car windows ? Is there any rubbish on my driveway that needs to be addressed ? What do I do for a landing strip for Maggie the Westie when she wants to go outside ?

    Some of our friends have migrated on a permanent basis to Florida. I do get it in the early part of the year. The triumphant Price was last seen blasting up and down the field at Arrowhead after the Chiefs won their 10th game in a row. We will be cheering for them on Saturday as they start their playoff adventure at Houston.

    • Hedley Says:

      Price = Prince, sorry about that

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Flurries here still. I thought the snow would be heavier by now.

      With Gracie, I have to have the area in front of the back door shoveled and the stairs into the yard then a square space for you to finish her business if the snow is too high for her to run into the backyard.

      What a great experience for the Prince! How fun to be on the field of a team from the NFL.

  6. Birgit Says:

    Still waiting for some snowflakes, I’m so tired of the rain.

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