Both Sides Now: Joni Mitchell

You had to know this was coming!

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8 Comments on “Both Sides Now: Joni Mitchell”

  1. Hedley Says:

    Shameless Self Pandering

  2. greg washington Says:

    no shame needed,

    • greg washington Says:

      (unfinished comment)..its cloudy a lot in my new surroundings so these songs both run through my mp3 player a lot. the fact that’s its 40 degrees warmer here than minnesota makes the clouds bearable!

      • kat Says:

        I figure you also have a lot of rain. That has been our winter this year. Even Boston has had little snow; however, we have had freezing days, even minus days with the wind chill.

        I most decidedly self-pandered today with two of my favorites. I have no shame or guilt.

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