“My grandma always said that God made libraries so that people didn’t have any excuse to be stupid.”

I’m still waiting for the celebration. Bring on the balloons, the cake and the conical hats. I did it. I took down almost all of Christmas yesterday. Only the trees are left for tonight’s lightning, for the celebration of the Epiphany.

I carried empty boxes up the stairs and filled boxes back down the stairs to the cellar. Some boxes were so heavy I couldn’t carry them so I slid them down the steps one step at a time. The block Christmas tree was the scariest to carry downstairs. Given my history, I was afraid of falling and scattering all those blocks, but I didn’t. It is safely secured until next year. The special ornaments went into individual small boxes then into the ornament box. The snowmen are still around the house and will stay a while longer. With the tree lights, the house still has a bit of the festivities about it. Wednesday will be a dark day. I miss Christmas.

I am not good with numbers, never have been. I counted on my fingers until at least college. If I hadn’t worn shoes, my toes would have extended my math ability. Words are my strength. When I first learned to read, I read everything I could at the Dick and Jane stage. I got to know their animals and their little sister. The more I read, the better I read so Dick and Jane were left in the dust. I read real books, not the ones filled with pictures. The books in school were boring so I went to the town library. That began my love affair with libraries. The college library was for studying and research though I often ran into friends who convinced me it was time to grab a drink or two after all that academic effort. My town in Ghana, Bolgatanga, had a wonderful library. It was designed by award-winning American architect J. Max Bond Jr. The design of the library always made the inside feel much cooler than outside. I was a frequent visitor.

I still go to the my local library and am on the board. I used to buy books all the time, but now I borrow most of them unless I just can’t wait to read the newest book from a favorite author.

I’m tired today, and I have PT which in this case,. after yesterday, might just mean physically tired.

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18 Comments on ““My grandma always said that God made libraries so that people didn’t have any excuse to be stupid.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Reality will reaturn tomorrow morning when I must drive to work again, it has started to snow so I guess I won’t be bored while driving, the roads will most likely be very slippery 🙂

    I’ll continue to have my little fake tree shining in the mornings for quite some time more, those tiny lights don’t shine especially strong but it does look nice.

    I’ve always loved reading and I did visit the library as often as I could when I grew up, sometimes to just get the feeling while sitting there, the calmness that was hard to find elsewhere. I haven’t been to a library for quite some time now, they are all just too far away and will close just as I would arrive after work and I like to stay at home on weekends.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I hope you had a great vacation. It did seem to go quickly. Of course ti would snow on the day you have to drive to work.

      I love the tree lights, and I will miss them. Maybe I’ll keep the ugly fake one around a bit longer.

      Most libraries here close early as well, but I used to finish work in the late afternoon and hurry to the library. A few do have late hours, and I can use my card at any of them.

      Enjoy your last day!!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I, too, had problems with numbers but no problems with words. I started reading at age 3 or 4 and was long past Dick et al by school. At the time the librarian at my local branch was refusing to let kids read beyond their grade level. The library became a very boring place for me until junior high when I was allowed more leeway in the books I could check out. It was still a repressive place and I only went there to do research for school projects. It’s kind of put me off libraries and I haven’t been in one for many, many years.

    My wreath is still on the door. I’m leaving it there because it’s pretty (and it isn’t interfering with my view through the glass). La Bamba Chihuahua is still out, too. He’s too cute to put away.

    It’s wicked cold and I have to go out. I’m procrastinating by doing other things like laundry. Yes. Laundry. It’s all done now so I have no other excuse. It’s only going to get worse so I may as well shove myself out the door.

    Enjoy the day and take it easy.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The same thing happened to me. The children’s library got boring, and they wouldn’t let me into the adult section. My mother used to take me and we’d sneak and find me books.

      Libraries today are amazing places. They have the ability to get any book you want through the library system, called CLAMS here. There are also tons of DVD’s and computers. I love my little library. Don’t let one bad experience stop you from going to the library. They even let you talk now.

      Like you, I have left up my wreaths. My lights outside are still lit at night. They’re pretty.

      I hated going out, and it was freakin’ cold. Good think you’r going today as tomorrow will be colder.

      Stay warm and cozy!!

      • Caryn Says:

        We have a network here as well and I have used it for work projects. Before I had a home computer I would use the library ones now and then. But I always regarded the library as a repressive sort of place and was never very comfortable in there. The best part about it was the card index and that’s gone. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        My little library, and I mean little, is a wonderful place.

        Libraries are so welcoming now, but I’m thinking yours may be the exception. People chat, and the librarian is ever so happy to help. I always recommend my library.

  3. Hedley Says:

    Right, all we need to celebrate properly is the arrival of three Wise Men – Christer has already checked in so its two to go.

  4. Birgit Says:

    Libraries are part of my life since I can read, also a great source for music sheets and now music and audio books. Just yesterday I was at the library. I didn’t have much time so I just looked through the just-back CDs and some audio books and found the Kat Edmonson CD with the song you’ve posted around New Year’s Eve. I also took Marianne Faithfull, Pavlov’s Dog, Nick Cave, German punkrock, Henry Purcell and the Creole Choir of Cuba. A weird mix but I love to discover music for (almost) free 🙂

    Just wondering, no KTCC picture today?
    What about Star singers, an Epiphany tradition in many parts of Europe

    • katry Says:

      The picture didn’t publish on time. I had found it last night and set it to publish today while I was at PT, but I set it wrong. When I noticed, I added it.

      You got such an amazingly diverse collection of CD’s from the library. Mine doesn’t have CD’s only DVD’s. I’m impressed with your library.

      You reminded me of when I used to bring home vinyl from the library. Camelot was one I chose often.

  5. Coleen Says:

    You make me happy with the topic of libraries. The library in the town I live in has a great selection and also runs a book fair 3 times a year…I almost get a hernia from carrying out my stash…

    I also have a great relationship with the library located in the town I cover for the newspaper. Done a few stories on their programs. All good there… 🙂

    I patronize the library that is located in the same town as my paper…the reason is, that WAAAY down in the basement, they have microfilmed copies of a now-dead newspaper that I reproduce for my weekly articles called “Links to History”.

    And, sadly, the library of my childhood in West Long Branch is temporarily closed. A fire in their building did no damage to their books or DVDs, but DID knock out their heating, cooling and electrical. Everyone on the town council is working to fix the situation ASAP, because believe me, the townsfolk are upset of even the THOUGHT of its closure…

    Stay warm my friend…

    Waving…oh the heck with that…it’s too darned cold!!!


    • Coleen Says:

      Ooops…forgot…I got a giggle over the CLAM. That’s because we people who are native to the Jersey Shore are often referred to as “clamdiggers”… 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I wore clamdiggers when I was around 13 or 14. They were all the rage!

        Is the Jersey Shore a hot bed for clams?

    • katry Says:

      My library is affectionately called the Little Library, and it is. The building is a gingerbread house which once belonged to a sea captain. It is in the historical district so we have to have permission when we do anything.

      I always think the library is one essential in any town. Even with all the Nooks and such I still believe in real books. I save e-books for when I travel.

      When Gracie goes out, she runs back inside in record time. I swear she goes the bathroom on the run as she’s heading for the steps. I can’t believe how cold it is.

      You stay warm as well-down blanket time!

      • Coleen Says:

        To answer your question, you can fish for clams in Jersey. It’s usually done in the summer. Don’t you people from Massachusetts clam year round? Sorry to be a bit ignorant…fishing is not the first activity on my list. 🙂


      • katry Says:

        Actually you dig for clams; you fish for fish. They are usually in the mud flats at low tide. I used to dig in the summer, never in the winter. It has to be really cold.

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