Love Tastes Like Strawberries: Miriam Makeba

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  1. MT C Says:


    In high school, I worked at a local pharmacy serving up some of the very best ice cream in nearly all of its various flavors and disguises. It was there that I realized that ice cream was the only thing in its class and should be recognized for its contributions to world wide society (except maybe S. Korea as they enjoy their frozen soy beans on a stick much more than the frozen creamy).

    My favorite (and still is) is Walnut with raspberry swirl a close second. Of course ice cream cakes are allowed on occasion as well Neapolitan and almost every other flavor included. Even jalapeno-chocolate is nice.

    As for toppings, we made our own and they were all the very best with fresh fruit and such. The ‘day gals’ really did things up right. But the best kept secret was the hot fudge. Only the three pharmacists were allowed to make it to the exacting standards necessary to support its reputation. However, a few weeks before I moved on, I was handed a slip from the safe and told to go downstairs and make a batch and return the slip without copying it. Turns out two of the pharmacists were ill and the store was too busy for the third one to make it. I didn’t copy it but I do still remember it. I’ve never made it as three gallons of the stuff would equate to about 30 pounds around my waist. I should include it in my recipe book in case one of the kids would like to try it.


    • katry Says:

      We called them drug stores of they had soda fountains. My favorite was in the center of town and it had a marble counter and the best hot fudge. The ice cream was served in that metal cone. The hot fudge and marshmallow on the sundaes always dripped over the cone into the dish underneath. I’d eat every bit of it.

      I’d like the walnut but not the raspberry. We used to have Neapolitan when I was a kid. I liked it because of the three flavors. I haven’t had any in years.

      I have a new hot fudge recipe my friend gave me, and it is delicious. I have made it a couple of times. I, of course, had to taste it as it was cooking.

      I so love ice cream!

      • MT C Says:

        I vote for making ice cream a separate food group and to ban any negative connotations it may have accumulated in it journey throughout history. That would only hold for ‘real’ ice cream though and not any of those ‘other things’.


      • katry Says:

        I’d vote for the new classification. Nothing tastes better than real ice cream. It is creamy and wonderful. My dad worked for Hood Ice Cream and was the manager of the Hyannis branch. He scorned Dairy Queen and told anyone who called theirs ice cream that it was ice milk and came in powdered form. My dad, like us, was a purist.

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