The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Vivien Leigh

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7 Comments on “The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Vivien Leigh”

  1. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    Just for fun:

    • Kat Says:

      Is that a program where Beatrix Potter is supposed to be the narrator? Adorable kitties!

  2. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    I hope this answers your question:

  3. MT C Says:

    These are all perfect for today. I’m saving some of them for the grand daughter. She is only two now and really won’t appreciate them for a while yet.

    Seems like I was about 5 when I first ran into the Peter dude. I can see my self sitting in front of the record player listening to the tales over and over. We didn’t have many, but enjoyed the ones we did have. Our story books were from the Mother West Wind Series of which I think there were maybe four or five books. My mother would read them over and over and when I started reading them to my sister who was younger, I probably wore them out. I’ll find a set one of these days and will pass them on to the smaller kids. Its great being part of a generation that is now recalling the bliss of their youth. Maybe we can get our children’s kids back on line with the good parts of life. But then again, that is all old stuff and not very techy.


    • Kat Says:

      Peter Rabbit has always been a favorite of mine. He was the adventurer, and I always figured those were the best tasting vegetables.

      I remember the Mother West Wind stories also. In Sandwich there is a Thornton Burgess Museum, and I used to go to buy stocking stuffers there. They had all the books and lots of the characters as stuffed animals.

      Little kids loved be read to, and these are perfect choices. My sister even holds her 7 month old grandson and reads to him. He has no idea what she’s saying but the lull of her voice and the colors of the books keep him attentive.

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