“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

Enough! Enough! I have endured too many sunless days. Today is cold and cloudy. I can deal with cold, but I’m sick and tired of cloudy. That last storm with its snow, rain, slush and wild wind was just a walk in the park on a nasty day, more like nasty days as the storm lasted close to three days. Nobody complained. Most people just shrugged. That’s the way it’s been. I am, however, out of shrugs. I’m complaining. Give me some sun!

When I lived in Ghana, we went months without rain during the dry season. The sky was blue every day. The grasses were dead, browned by lack of rain. The fields were empty. Any leftover millet stalks had been burned away. Every day was the same. We used to joke by saying it looked like rain knowing full well rain was months away. That never got to me. I knew what to expect. I knew the rains would come as they did every year. It was just a matter of patience.

This morning I filled the bird feeders. It was from guilt because when I looked out the kitchen window I saw a house finch and a gold finch sitting longingly at the empty feeder. I filled a bag with sunflower seeds and went out and filled all three feeders. It was cold out there, and I expect the birds to be appreciative. A thank you banner wouldn’t be amiss.

A few of the daffodils I bought the other day have finally opened. The flowers are beautiful, and their bright yellow has helped a little to satisfy my need for color.

Winter clothes should be colorful. We should be wearing bright blues and yellows and pinks and any other colors which catch our eyes. It is the season most in need of color and the one with the least. Next year I will wear colors all winter.

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14 Comments on ““Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    I know the feeling, most of the autumn was like that over here. Clouds and rain or just clouds. Soo depressing!

    The sparrow hawk has cleaned out most birds here, I even have lots of sunflower seeds left the next day. But it looks as if most house sparrows has survived anyway and I think I heard some younglings when I stood in my kitchen today, the sound travelled from the roof through the wall down to my kitchen window 🙂 🙂

    You are so right about winter clothes should be vibrant with colors! We need anything we can get to make the days a bit brighter when the weather is like it is 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Christer,
      I expect winter to leave the scene quietly so spring can have its time, but it’s not happening.

      I have gold finches, house finches, nuthatches, titmice, chickadees, flickers and at the suet and the various feeders. In the summer I’ll have cardinals and orioles and maybe a hummingbird or two. There are crows around, but they don’t come into the yard.

      Tomorrow I will wear bright colors!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’m wearing full chroma coral for that very reason. 🙂
    The storm left us with a red sunset and a clear, starry night. The sky is cloudless and blue today. It’s sunny up here and warm in the sheltered spots like my front steps. I’ve been sitting out there off and on all morning. An open jeep full of well bundled up passengers went by as I was sitting out there. I called out that they were a hardy bunch. The driver laughed and asked if I wanted to come with them. “No thanks,” I called, “I like my creature comforts”. They all laughed some more. I think they were heading up to the church parking lot to let the jeep play in the unplowed section. Always fun, as I well know. 🙂
    Peapod came this morning so I put away the food. I fed the dog and the birds. I shoveled a little bit of snow. I chatted with the neighbors as I sat outside on the steps. I vacuumed the floors. I sat outside some more. So far it is a lovely way to make up for a nasty previous two days. A little bit of chocolate and it would be perfect. 🙂
    Enjoy the day and I hope you get some of this sun very soon.

    • Hi Caryn,
      I applaud your color!!

      You have all the sun and blue sky!! We are still cloudy, and it’s far too cold to sit outside. The day is bleak and so is my mood. I am so tired of not having the sun.

      I had to go buy cat food as I ran out. I had ordered it from Peapod but didn’t order enough. I also had to get dog food, but I have to go to Agway for that so I got lots of cat food and bird seed as well.

      I just had a little bit of chocolate and I’m going to take a nap- all comforts for my enduring the day!

      Thanks-I hope we do get it!

  3. Vintage Spins Says:

    It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Ontario, but but I’m too sick to go out and enjoy it!

    Still, the musical selections that you’ve posted offer some consolation, Kat. (I hadn’t heard the Gene Autry and Carl Perkins selections before, which is always nice. In addition, that’s a nice MONO copy of Mellow Yellow.) Thanks.


    • Marie,
      I am so sorry you’re sick. I hope you’re taking good care of yourself. Rest up!!

      You are welcome on the music selections, and I’m glad they made you feel just a bit better.

  4. Bob Says:

    Here the sky is cloudy with a chance of rain and temperatures in the 60s ahead of the Pacific Low that is west of here and moving this way. One thing to keep you going is that it’s only a few weeks until baseball season. Opening day is always my favorite because every team is in first place. This year the Houston Astros have been moved from the National League to the American to balance out the divisions. This will set up a natural rivalry between the Rangers and the Astros. You will get a chance to see them play in Fenway for the first time. I haven’t been following the Red Sox, are they having a good spring training? The Ranger’s spring training has been filled with controversy as club president Nolan Ryan has been relieved of his other title of CEO. Baseball talk should cheer you up.

    • Bob,
      I’ll take the 60’s this time of year. The weather here would be warmer except for the ocean breeze and sometimes the ocean wind.

      You are so right about baseball. Opening day is April 1st. I had read that about Houston, a team I know nothing about but will soon enough.

      The Sox are having an okay spring training. The good news is John Lackey who was out all last season from Tommy John surgery has pitched really well. The Sox will have to do better, a lot of grumbling around here about last year’s standing (that would be last place).

      Why was Nolan Ryan removed? I missed that tidbit of baseball news.

      I read every article in the paper about baseball!

      • Bob Says:

        Ryan is still the club President for now, but I think he and the GM Jon Daniels have had some disagreements. However, I think that’s speculation in the press. Generally I don’t pay much attention to spring training because it doesn’t count. The games are like kissing your sister.

        We are very lucky because we have a Ranger franchise AA team just a few miles north of my home called the Frisco Rough Riders. They play in the Texas League and their stadium is small enough so you can actually see the players from any seat. The tickets are cheaper than the ones at Ball Park in Arlington and you get free parking. The minor league games are also a lot of fun because of the entertainment between innings and the kids get to run the bases after the game. Ft. Worth has a minor league team called the Cats who play in some other AA league. Ft. Worth is about 40 miles from my house and Arlington is about 25 miles.

      • Bob,
        The Red Sox triple A club is in Providence which is about the same distance from me as Boston. It’s where Sox players go to rehab after an injury so you might see a few players from the big club. It is far cheaper like yours and is a good stadium. I haven’t gone, but after reading your description, I just might.

  5. It hit 68 today, our first nice day in weeks. I opened my windows and the finches entertained me this afternoon while I cleaned out my bedroom closet. It’s supposed to be down in the 40’s on Monday and then back in the 60’s the rest of the week. I walked outside after lunch and you could hear lawn mowers running several roads over. I suspicion that all of the local golf courses were full up, too. I’m ready for lots of picture taking too.

    • plgcm,
      I am so envious of your day. I can hardly wait to open the windows. I love the smell of a spring day.

      Our lawns still look like winter, and it will be a while before mine needs a mower. It still has several small branches all over it from the last two storms.

      They say sun tomorrow. I can only hope!!

  6. sprite Says:

    You have a new banner on your page. It looks great! (Please pardon my tardiness in noting it — I’m just back from a two-week family-health-emergency-related trip and haven’t spent much time online this month.)

    • sprite,
      Birgit had a restless night and decided to make a new banner for Coffee.

      I love it: it has so many elements of my stories.

      I hope all went well in your family.

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