“And this is good old Boston, The home of the bean and the cod, Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots, And the Cabots talk only to God”

The day is breezy but really warm. After I got the newspapers, I stood out front for a while admiring my garden. The fall flowers are blooming. A giant red one stands tall among the greenery, and my mums have returned. They are strewn about the garden, and their colors give pleasure to the eye. Fall is generous. It lets us enjoy the last of the garden, and we get to plan for spring. More mums, the ones decorating the deck, are ready to be planted and it’s time to buy daffodil bulbs.

Some of my deck furniture is covered, and no candles hang from the trees. They came down with the hurricane threat, and I never put them back because I knew it was so close to the end of the deck season anyway. I’m sad about that. The deck has been the hub of activity all summer. I sat there every morning with my papers and coffee, read in the afternoon, and at night, we ate wonderful dinners and watched great movies. I kept a list. We saw eight movies. We also ate countless Nonpareils and Raisinettes.

One thing always leads to another. I decided to designate next summer as the summer of film festivals, and I thought made in Boston movies would be a great start for the season. Some movies came to mind immediately, but I still searched, made a list and ended up buying four films including one made in 1950 called Mystery Street. It starts when the skeletal remains of a pregnant prostitute turn up on a cape beach. I’ve seen it before, but I would never have remembered it. I like the Cape being the start of the film, even with skeletal remains. One movie, The Brink’s Job, I couldn’t buy. I wanted it because it takes place in Boston and also has a few scenes filmed in the town where I grew up. The director wanted a town lost in time, one looking more like the 50’s than the late 70’s, so he chose mine. It’s not available here in DVD. There is an import but with a disclaimer: do not expect this product to have perfect DVD video and audio quality so I passed on it.

As I mentioned, one thing always leads to another, and by now you’re probably wondering where the heck this ramble is heading. Deciding on the festival was first, then came making the list, picking the films, hunting for and buying them and then getting two tickets for the bus tour. What tour you ask? Well, all that hunting and link following led to a bus tour which takes you to where all those Boston movies were filmed. It sounded like great fun so I bought a couple of tickets and will take my sister as an early Christmas present.

All I started out to do was to make a list.

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6 Comments on ““And this is good old Boston, The home of the bean and the cod, Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots, And the Cabots talk only to God””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Thick, thick fog here today and humidity so high I had to start a fire in the stove to keep it from coming inside my cottage.

    It´s fun how making a list can end up in a bus tour 🙂 I think it sounds great to have a film festival showing only films made in Boston. They have actually made one film just a mile away from here and it was the most popular film we had last year. It´s about a Templar knight called Arn and his life. I think I´m the only one that haven´t seen either the movie or the tv series made from it here in Sweden 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day now!

    • katry Says:

      Yesterday was summer hot and beautiful but it was humid here too. No rain though, none in several weeks.

      I think it’s time you saw that movie. It’s so cool to recognize places where you live. On one of my last nights in Ghana, I saw The Thomas Crown Affair which was filed in Boston, and I got even more excited to go home.

  2. Zoey & Me Says:

    Looking for a list of movies reminded me of the extra part I was hired for in the Exorcist. Of course, we all had to join the Guild. Ate up my $379 real fast, but it was tiresome waiting hours for three nights to get the ending shot where the actress goes through the window and a crowd in Georgetown gathers below. I was in the crowd. They posted an invite in all the college cafeterias for acting hopefuls to try out and all they did is take us in front of a white screen to see if we had the LOOK. Look like when you are shocked. It was fun. And I have slow mo’ed the film to see if I can spot myself. Ahhh the big time. Thanks for that memory.

    • katry Says:

      You’re my first movie star friend! How cool to be in a movie, even a crowd scene and such a good movie too. I remember standing in line to see it; back in those days big time films didn’t open in a million theaters.

  3. Bob Says:

    Does your list include “Fever Pitch”? The Red Sox winning the World Series and goofy love story combined. It sounds like fun.

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